EXCLUSIVE: Ratan Raajputh on how she took up Political Science in high school only because of her favourite teacher

“I took up Political Science only because she was my favourite but the truth was I knew nothing about the subject”, Ratan Raajputh

Ratan Raajputh who is popularly known for her role as Laali in ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’ has received much appreciation and praise for her acting in Television. The actress is also a budding Youtuber. She mainly showcases her love for traveling with lively vlogs and gives a glimpse from her acting world. The actress has earned much regonition as best actor (female) for her bold choices of characters in different television shows. The actress revealed her memorable days from her school as she got into an Exclusive interview with us on the occassion of Teachers’ Day. Recalling her school days, the actress revealed how her favourite teachers keep on changing in every stage of her life.
“I was not so studious during my school days but in every stage of my life, my favourite teachers kept changing. I remember in my childhood days I was very much fond of my drawing teacher. Her name was Jolly and by far I only remember her from my school days”, the actress stated. She also mentioned her professors from high school and how she took up Political Science for her favourite teacher, “When I was in my high school, I was really fond of Shashi mam and she used to take Political Science. She was funny and intelligent among all. And this might sound scary but I took up Political Science only because she was my favourite but the truth was I knew nothing about the subject. It was indeed a dangerous decision but all because of Shashi mam”.
Talking about her love for traveling the actress revealed, “I absolutely love traveling. Whenever I am going through a low phase in my life I would opt for traveling or if I am very estatic for certain reason I would pack my bag without any proper planning. And anytime if you spot me traveling anywhere just remember that for these reasons I am traveling now”.
On the work front Ratan talked about how she is all pumped up after being back at set and feels grateful about her connection with the audience, “I feel great to be back on sets. Its almost like being back at your own home. And mostly it’s the love of audience which keeps pushing to me and I am grateful to have such a lovely connection with my audience and this time the Santosi Maa which I am shooting has got a whole new cast and team so that is more interesting”. The actress also revealed her role in the upcoming show Santoshi Maa, “I am playing two characters in Santoshi maa and will be bombarding people’s live who are involved with Swati. And further it will go according as per the story and I can’t wait audience to see me in this new form of mine”.
Talking about her upcoming digital platform projects, the actress gave us an inside scoop as she stated, ” Yes I am planning to be a part of digital platform series. Very soon you will see me in OTT Platform. Quite a few meetings are going on and I am awaiting for a good script to come my way. But I love my daily soap and obviously will completely not shift to digital platform but there will be a proper balance”.
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