Exclusive: Karan Tacker reveals he was a backbencher, 'Only things sincere about me were my notorious habits' | Business Upturn

Exclusive: Karan Tacker reveals he was a backbencher, ‘Only things sincere about me were my notorious habits’


With his latest appearance in the Indian thriller series Special Op’s, Karan Tacker has definitely made his mark as the heartthrob of the television industry.

Right from Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna hai to Rang Badalti Odhani, he has delivered breathtaking performances in everything he has done and became the talk of the town for the role of special agent Farooq Ali in the Indian thriller series special OPS.

An actor! A host! A dancer, Karan Tacker is the perfect example of versatility.


We got in a candid conversation with the actor as he spoke at length and spilled the beans about his mentor, things he has been enjoying during the lockdown and his most special role.

What is that one memory with any of your teachers you still cherish?

I have constantly had teachers in my life and one of the most recent memories of a good teacher that I have is attending Abhishek Pandey’s acting workshops. I have the fondest memories with him and he has reinstated the faith in me to learn, to achieve, and to aspire.


Were you the sincere student or the notorious backbencher during your school life?

I was the backbencher. The only thing sincere about me was my notorious habits. While growing up I was not so fond of studying but now I really value it and I have realized education play a very important role in our lives. I really enjoyed my school days. I was in an all-boys school and the relation with my friends and my teachers was priceless.

Who has been your mentor or guru in the entertainment industry?

I don’t think that I exactly have a mentor in the industry. But I always try to learn from people around me. It’s not like one specific person has taught me everything, I believe that you end up learning something from everyone you meet.

You have done some interesting work, which one has been the closest to your heart till now?

It has to be Farooq Ali from Special OPS! The role of Farooq is really close to me and it has always been my dream to work with director Neeraj Pandey. Working on a project of this magnitude was really a dream come true. The character is really important and special to me as it is in itself a really complex and interesting role. What overwhelms me is the way it was received by the audience.  It was just so fun to play this character.

It is a fact that mothers are the first teachers of our life and during this pandemic we all have been spending a lot of time in our homes. So, what is the one thing that you have learnt from your mother in this lockdown?

Unconditional love. Well although I think that being a son or a male counterpart, I am not capable of giving as much unconditional love as a mother. We all family members get tired or feed up from our chores but my mum! She is always proactively working. Even though she is tired, she is always there for us and I hope that I can become half a good human being as my mother.

What new things you have been learning or enjoying during this lockdown?

I really enjoy cooking. I enjoy cooking for my family and friends but I don’t think cooking on a daily basis is something I enjoy or capable of it. I do it because it is the need of the hour. I am actually very happy about my new frying pan (laughs). My omelets have definitely started looking better.

What is a piece of advice that you would like to give to the young aspiring actors?

Keep working hard. Working in the industry is really tough and there are going to be a lot of challenges. This job can be really emotionally draining as there is a lack of opportunities and everyone wants that one role. So, come with your best and be ready to work extremely hard. Be patient, be aspirational, be dreamy and enjoy the journey.