Profit for Divi Labs’ Q1 increased by 26% to Rs. 702 crores

Revenue from operations at Divis Laboratories increased by around 15% YoY to 2,254 crore.

Divis Laboratories, the pharmaceutical giant’s consolidated net profit increased by 26.01% to Rs 702.01 crore on an increase in operating revenue of 14.99% to Rs 2,254.52 crore from Q1 FY22 to Q1 FY23.

In the quarter that ended on June 30, 2022, total revenue increased 17.34% to Rs 2,342.91 crore from Rs 1,996.61 crore in the corresponding period the previous year.


In the first quarter, total profit before tax increased to Rs 851.30 crore, or 4.52% more than the Rs 814.48 crore reported in Q1 FY22.

In Q1 FY23, total expenses increased 26.18% year over year to Rs. 1,491.61 crores. Employee costs were Rs 246.38 crore (up 11.59% YoY), while the cost of materials used was Rs 778.55 crore (down 0.73% YoY).

Furthermore, the company’s net profit increased by 25.3% to Rs. 691.61 crores on an increase in total revenue of 15.52% to Rs. 2,293.91 crores in Q1 FY23 compared to Q1 FY22.

Divis Laboratories manufactures pharmaceutical intermediates, nutraceutical components, and active pharmaceutical compounds. On the BSE, Divis Laboratories shares decreased 3.87% to Rs 3,795.