From Sony Corporation to Sony Group, a first in 60 years, as Sony readies itself for a change in name

The Japanese giant, that has bestowed the world with many wonders of evolving technology, has only grown from strength to strength with the passing time, leaving marking of its on the industry

The company that gave the world its perhaps most popular rendition of an MP3 player, in the form of the Walkman in 1979 to many other wonders in the smartphone arena, Sony is a household name, its prominence, and significance in the technology-driven world is so ubiquitous, that in some cases the company has standards for others in the industry or the sector to follow.

It was in 1958, that the then Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo, a company started in 1946, changed its identity for the rest of the world, to the now popular Sony Corporation. That decision certainly only did wonders for the fortunes of the organization, as it became a global and all-encompassing entity in the year that followed.


But, it was only last week, for the first time in 62 years since 1958, that the shareholders gave a green signal to the change in name from Sony Corporation to Sony Group. In a statement to London based Newspaper Financial Times (FT), chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida, said: ” The explanation for the shift, was that the company wanted to take advantage of the “diversity of our portfolio” and to promote the evolution of its businesses.”

Although the said move has not gained support back in the company’s home, this is seen as an attempt to bring a sort of unity among all the sectors, may it be gaming or electronics, under one conspicuous umbrella that is evidently one.

The company will follow the developments, next year, as it is stipulated to bring the change in name in the year 2021, as it will continue by the same name for the rest of the year.