Which are the top 5 most deadly diseases in the world?

Diseases are the basis of our life. Science has temporary solutions to diseases. Not a single field discusses the permanent solution. These are some of the most fatal diseases. 

Science is based on the existence and has temporary solutions to diseases. Not a single field discusses the permanent solution. Philosophy says Diseases are one of the curses to material life. These are some of the most fatal diseases.



Coronary artery disease (CAD) or Ischemic heart disease is the most fatal disease in the world. The blood vessels that provide blood to the heart are broad but, when they become narrow, CAD starts establishing itself in the Human body. Heart Failure, Chest pain, and arrhythmias are some of the consequences of not treating CAD. Mortality rates due to this disease are declining continuously in the USA and Europe. Healthcare,  decent education, and protection are the prime reasons behind this decline. Life span is increasing, Changes on socioeconomic grounds are happening, and that’s why deaths in developing nations due to CAD are increasing. Some of the threat factors for CAD include High cholesterol, Smoking, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Family History, etc.  It is possible to treat CAD by daily exercise, a healthy and fit body, a balanced diet, moderate consumption of water, etc.


Oxygen-constrained brain cells expire just because of blocked arteries in the brain. This blocking is often referred to as a Stroke. This seems simple but is a very dangerous disease as during this we feel impassive and bewildered. We experience difficulty in seeing things. If it is treated casually then, it becomes a serious threat. If we get treatment within three hours of the incident then only we have a chance of getting cured. “93 percent of people knew sudden numbness on one side was a stroke symptom. But only 38 percent knew all the symptoms that would prompt them to seek emergency care.” As per the reports of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Medications can control high blood pressure or Surgery can be done. Consumption of sodium must be minimal.

Lower Respiratory Infections

An infection in your airways and lungs can cause lower respiratory infections. What are some of the causes of this disease? Pneumonia, Flu, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, etc. are some of the factors responsible for this disease. Lower respiratory illnesses are caused due to the outbreak of various variants of viruses. The prime symptom of LRI is coughing, gasping and breathlessness. In the worst scenarios, Death is the last thing that happens to a patient. Impoverished air, vulnerable immunity,  asthmatic history, HIV, etc are some of the deadly factors that increase the intensity of the disease. Getting vaccinated is the only option for treating respiratory infections. Transmission of bacteria and viruses can be restricted by washing hands constantly.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

is a developed, long-term, lung disorder. It is very difficult for a COPD patient to breathe healthily. COPD expands itself into two types which are emphysema and Chronic bronchitis. Almost 64 million people were suffering from COPD in 2014. Smoking, then it may be active or passive can lead to COPD. There is no permanent solution to COPD but medication can facilitate advancement. The moment when we stop smoking and consuming lung irritants we start fighting against COPD.

Respiratory cancers

Cancers of the larynx, bronchus, lungs, and trachea are collectively known as Respiratory cancers. Smoking, natural toxins, pollution, are the fundamental causes of these types of cancers. According to the reports of 2015, “respiratory cancer accounts for about 4 million deaths annually. In developing countries, researchers project an 81 to 100 percent increase in respiratory cancers due to pollution and smoking.” Indians still use coal for household activities. 17 % of men and 22% of women die due to lung cancer. These types of cancers target those with a history of tobacco consumption. Early detection and medication can be beneficial for patients.

Diseases are the basis of our life. We can either live a healthy lifestyle or suffer from deadly diseases due to junk lifestyles. The choice is ours and Suffering or Happiness also is ours.