Which are the 5 greatest novels of all time?

Novels are all about the style of narration that engages the reader. The setting of the story, the twists sowed in the narration, and character arcs play a vital role in the success of the novel.

Novels are long stories with various twists and turns. Everyone loves stories and most of the time, the upbringing of a child happens with the narration of stories. Novels are categorized as fictional & non-fictional. Everyone has a diverse choice of reading. It is based on the nature of the reader. Aggressive people are attracted towards action novels whereas romantic people engage themselves in Love stories. Some novels are like a slow poison and enter into our existence slowly and gradually.

These are some of the best novels of all time.


1. To kill a Mockingbird

It is written by Harper Lee. The title has a huge symbolic meaning. Over the years, the meaning has crossed every limit and has reached a new level of meaning. Killing the mockingbird means killing innocence. The dark side of humans is the antagonist of the story. In the 10th chapter, a discussion about killing the bird is highlighted and that is,  Mocking birds make music for us to enjoy. Music is nothing but the tune of their heart. They are devoting their heart to create something for us and that’s why killing them is a sin. Mockingbirds are not the only birds in the book. Everyone who experiences destruction due to evil forces is symbolized as an innocent bird. The story creates tension in our daily life and highlights dilemmas in various actions.


2. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is experienced as a deterministic exploration of the American Dream. It is crucial for the bright symbolism that underpins its narrative. It was neither a critical nor financial achievement upon announcement. 20,000 copies were sold slowly. Later this novel became so popular and got transformed into cinematic dimensions. 


3. One Hundred Years of Solitude

It is the most popular work by Gabriel García Márquez. The story of the novel is about, seven generations of the Buendia family. Macondo is established in between and the story comes to an end when everything encounters destruction. The family’s descendants are responsible for the climax situation. The genre of Magic Realism is explored in this novel. Everything is a mere contrast. Mystic things are presented in a common way but, common things are presented in an extravagant manner. Latin American culture consists of folklores and myths.


4. A Passage to India

This is a standard travelogue of E.M. Forster. He experienced the journey to India many times in his lifetime and decorated it with aesthetic elements. The cultural differences between English and Indians are highlighted prominently in this novel. One of the most intriguing factors of the novel is the description of imperial tensions.  The elegant descriptions of nature and India’s landscape elevate the quality of fiction.


5. The Color Purple

It is created by Alice Walker in 1982. The Color Purple has received National Book Award & Pulitzer Prize. A young girl writes letters to her sister and to god. The story revolves around Celeia who has suffered sexual harassment from her father and husband. The changes in society and family create an impact on her mind and that impact is summed up in the color purple.


Every novel lives in this world in a specific manner. It creates a significant impact on readers’ psyche.  Novels are one of the best forms of storytelling. It is a traditional element of the literary world. Today, Kindles and audiobooks are transforming novels into different literary forms. No matter, how much technology progresses in the coming days, but, still, Novels will be the most favorite things for readers.

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