Top motivational and inspirational quotes of Pallonji Mistry

Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry is an Indian-born Irish billionaire building magnate and chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji Group. He is the one of the most affluent Irish people.These are some of his quotes focusing governance and leadership.

Top best inspirational and motivational quotes by Pallonji Mistry:

Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry is an Indian-born Irish billionaire building magnate and chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji Group. He is the one of the most affluent Irish people. As per the reports of Bloomberg Billionaires Index,


As of 9 April 2021, His wealth is totaled to be US$28.0 billion.

“At the end of the day, everybody has to take the right decisions for the right reasons.”
Life is all about choices and decisions. Every moment is about choosing between right and wrong. Righteousness is subjective as it can turn to be immoral for our rival. If the reasons and intentions are appropriate then decisions are appreciated.

“When you look at good governance, you also need to look at how you approach the subject.”
Governance is the element that handles our dignity. If we are the governing body then we must take subject into consideration and if we are being governed then we must understand the questions that need to be addressed.

“I think when you take decisions, you should take them not on the basis of what you believe is a convenient outcome, but what you believe is the right outcome. That’s something that is important.”
Convenient result and right decision are two entirely different concepts. We are not ready to break our comfort zone and looking for suitable activities but we don’t understand that Right activities take time and consume our energy but become beneficial at the end of the story.

“I am not looking for board positions, I am looking for good governance.”
We must not look at decorative things like positions but, must get attracted and supervise somewhat bitter but efficient concept, governance.

“If wrong decisions, both from a governance perspective and ethics, happen, this is a slippery slope that we will go down. Unless and until you recognise this, you will not take the right decisions.”
We can destroy our life, system and people if we don’t recognize the significance of taking applicable decisions. If we aren’t clear in the aspects of ethics, then too we are prone to commit mistakes while making judgments.

“Let us look at international institutions and trusts. Trusts have a certain roles and unless you define what their roles are, what is it that they control? Are they controlling the day-to-day operations? If you do that, then what is Tata Sons for? What are the operative companies for? Effectively, you need to have clarity on the roles of different players inside a structure. That is the governance framework.”
When we are building an empire, we must understand that good governance is the ultimate answer to our every question of augmenting this huge structure. Everyone must work in a hierarchical manner to avoid miscommunication and understand our role.

When an institution goes through an inflection point, it has to institutionalise itself. That institutionalisation requires governance to be put in place, governance processes.
Every institution runs behind some objectives but, that institution has to solidify its structure and boost the governing processes to satisfy every segment of that corporation.

These are some of the quotes of Pallonji based on governance and leadership.