Top Controversies of Shahrukh Khan that you need to know

If you are a fan of Shahrukh Khan, then you probably know how his answers and statements are always witty with a tinge of humor. However, many times this makes him fall into the hands of controversies. As big as the star he is, big are the controversies that he courted. So, if you are keen to know what Shahrukh Khan put himself into, then hang with us for a little longer as we have the list of his top 5 controversies ready.

Here is the list of top controversies of Shahrukh Khan that you should know. Scroll down.


The Wankhede Ban

So, all of us know that Shahrukh Khan co-owns an IPL team, KKR. This incident took place when KKR won against the Mumbai Indians team on its home ground. It came into light that SRK manhandled a security guard and abused security officials. MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association) banned him and was in talks to ban him for his entire life in entering the stadium. However, it ended up being a five-year ban instead. Though King Khan had denied all the allegations that were thrown on him, had to play along with the rules of MCA.

Badshah V/S Sultan

We are all aware of the ugly differences between the Badshah and the Sultan of Bollywood. Both the Khans would avoid each other’s presence and just avoid sharing the same space with each other. It was all because of some ugly situation back in Katrina’s Birthday Bash. However, both of them have amended and buried the difference. India is lucky to witness the Khans of Bollywood sharing the same space and being friends again.

Shahrukh and Priyanka Link-Ups

So, after a few movies or projects together, Bollywood was spiced up with the news of PeeCee and SRK’s link-ups. The rumors that made rounds in the industry was that they are supposedly dating each other. Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri, made it very clear to him that he cannot continue working with her. Now, they are not on talking terms, so, probably we won’t be seeing them as co-stars again.

Shahrukh and the slap

Once the news that made its way in the headlines is that Shahrukh Khan slapped Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder in a party. The party was held by Sanjay Dutt in Juhu in 2012. It came to the light that Kunder was all over him in the party, stalking him till the last and that’s when Shahrukh Khan lost its temper, pinned him to the sofa, and slapped him. This obviously made Farah furious with rage, however, no complaints were filed against Shahrukh Khan eventually.

Shahrukh and Aamir

There was also a bad air between Aamir and Shahrukh and there were rumors that they ain’t on talking terms. Once, Aamir said that Shahrukh was licking his feet when he feeding him. He was talking about his pet dog that was named after the star. However, later on, Aamir cleared the air and said he was named SRK by the caretaker of the house.

These were a few hot controversies of Shahrukh Khan that we too hot to be left in darkness.