Top Controversies of Hrithik Roshan That were Too Hot to Handle

The actor with mesmerizing look often called the Greek God of Bollywood has also carved his name in the books of controversies. We are talking about none other than Hrithik Roshan. Legal troubles to bad blood, he has been into all. He has been so much into controversies that his name pops up and that is the first thing that crosses every mind such that a new controversy. However, there are some that are worth mentioning. So, we have the list ready.

Here is the list of top controversies of Hrithik Roshan that you might want to know all about.


Hrithik – Kangana Controversy

This is one such time that controversy was dragged to be a legal case. It all started when Kangana alleged Hrithik of proposes her and they being in a relationship. She claimed that all this happened in Paris. However, Hrithik’s passport cleared it that he wasn’t in Paris and, in fact, he didn’t even leave Mumbai. It went on and on. Hrithik accused Kangana of hacking and said that she suffers some kind of mental issues. This kept going on and new things kept coming in. Eventually, both of them decided to part ways and never cross each other ever.

The Barbara Closeness Controversy

Another controversy that was too hot to be handled was Barabara and Hrithik’s alleged link-ups. It was back when the movie Kite was released. Kite movie sailed or not but wat surely reached the height was the link-up rumor of Barabara Mori and Hrithik Roshan. The Roshan family and Hrithik’s then-wife was also not okay with the kind of chemistry the two of them shared. Their chemistry is also known to be the reason behind the breaking of Hrithik’s and Sussane’s marriage.

The Ugly Divorce

So, as the news was already out there in public about their on and of chemistry with each other, it wasn’t too late when the couple decided to part ways. They were together for 14 years and had two kids as well. It all started with the rumors of Barbara Mori and Hrithik’s link-ups. Sussane left home several times amidst these rumors. Things kept on turning bad and eventually, they parted ways forever by taking a divorce.

Another Alleged Link-Up Controversy

The Greek God of Bollywood was also linked-up with Bebo. She was supposed to be the co-actress with Hrithik in his debut movie, however, Amisha did the role eventually. Kareena Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan end up working in a lot of movies together and the rumors did not leave the space. Sussane cleared the air stating that it is all false. But, the duo was not seen working together ever since that controversy came to an end.

Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan Controversy

There was an ugly comment war between the two big stars of Bollywood. After the release of Guzaarish, the movie starring Hrithik and Aishwarya, Salman commented that not even a single dog went to watch this movie. It was a very mean comment to make, which infuriated Hrithik and he replied that it is not right to judge a movie based on its box office collection. Guzaarish is a success in itself and does not need BO collection to state its success.

These were some of the top controversies of Hrithik Roshan that were too juicy and hot to handle.