Top 7 motivational and inspirational quotes by Indian businessman Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani is a school dropout, and a Selfmade millionaire. He has created an empire that produces the largest thermal power plants in India.

Gautam Adani is a person who kicked off his journey from being a school dropout and is currently a passionate billionaire. The most interesting but, unfortunately, unknown fact about him is, he is the one who became a millionaire at just the age of 20. He has created an empire of ‘Power’ in the country and is the biggest producer of Power Plants. He is serving the society by educating children from low-income families. He has not just designed his castle of wealth but, is formulating the infrastructure field of India. Adani is not the one amongst many who are possessed about life. He just makes an attempt and is never bothered by the outcomes.

Quotes by Gautam Adani are powerful and energetic just like his power plants and have warmth in them. Warmth in his quotes teaches aspiring entrepreneurs to encounter failure.

Top Quotes by Gautam Adani:

“Along with opportunities, there also exist many other tricky and complex issues to be managed in India. These include tackling both policy-level challenges and infrastructure challenges.”

  • Being a businessman, or just an individual, We must strive to solve issues in the field of policy and infrastructure. People are dying in our country due to various issues, Various issues need our attention. We must serve the nation along with the creation of wealth.

“Business is all about risk-taking and managing uncertainties and turbulence.”

  • Almost everything in this world is about taking risks. We are bundles of positive and negative elements but, we must transform the possibilities into truth by taking risks. Stepping in the direction of uncertainties can design the path of success for us. Don’t be frightened to jump in the hole. No one knows, You can rise like a Sun.

“I am not attracted to those politicians who are short on vision and only want to make money. I like those who have a vision.”

  • Politicians are those who make money. We must not support and follow those who are running behind bundles of money but, those who have a vision. Public leaders can serve the country because they have an immortal vision. Money never comes with us in hell or heaven but, our vision can shape the lives of millions.

“Infrastructure sector is all about building assets for the country. It is part of nation-building.”

  • The nation can be structured and built upon hard work by many sectors. Nation’s Infrastructure is not just the byproduct of cement and bricks but, is a gift to citizens. The cement of capital and bricks of betterment.

“Either you sit on the pile of cash, or you continue to grow.”

  • We are always surrounded by two sides of one coin named life. Choice of positive and negative is subjective but, we must remain objective while taking decisions. Either we can sit at a place and enjoy current success, or we can continue to achieve the upcoming pursuits. The correct decision makes us Winner.

“I analyze in my own way, in very simple, no-jargon language. If somebody is talking in a very complicated way, I never like that.”

  • Life is always simple, but people live like jargon and make it complicated. Try to be simple, because today everyone is filled with intricacies.

“From my experience in working with bureaucrats and politicians, if you are a credible business group, they will definitely help you. At the end of the day, they, too, want development of their constituency, state or country.”

  • We must develop credibility and experience everyone working to attain the collective objectives.

Gautam Adani has lived a life full of attempts. Taking risks irrespective of the fear of getting failed is the perfect takeaway for every young businessman.

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