Top 6 Quotes of Anushka Shetty

Anushka, who has appeared in over 50 films, is one of the affluent actresses in India and is popularly referred to as the Female Superstar of Tollywood. These are some of her quotes.

Sweety Shetty (born 7 November 1981), recognized by her cinematic name Anushka Shetty, is an Indian actress and model who chiefly works in the Telugu and Tamil film businesses. She has attained numerous commendations, encompassing three CineMAA Awards, TN State Film Awards, a Nandi Award, and three Filmfare Awards from eight selections. Anushka, who has appeared in over 50 films, is one of the affluent actresses in India and is popularly referred to as the Female Superstar of Tollywood.



“Fitness, in my opinion, is a mental exercise more than just physical.”
Everything in this world is in our mind and after implementation, it occurs in the material world. Sex is another example of such a conception. 90% of sex happens in the mind and 10% is a physical act. Fitness and doing exercise must be an inner thing and then it will get executed in the physical world.

“Yoga has always been a part of my life, and it had a major effect on me as a person, inside-out.”
Yoga is one of the schools of thought in our Indian philosophy and It does not just purify our body but, it cleanses our hearts. It augments our life span and makes us more energetic and optimistic.

“I have no problems with failures, I’m afraid of failing within myself. At times when I know I did something wrong, I don’t sleep that night. I’m scared of facing myself.”

We are humans and we pretend things in front of everyone. Life makes us introverted on subtle and gross levels. We aren’t answerable to anyone except mom, dad, and ourselves. We must examine our behaviour and raise questions against the inner self. This self-conflict will show us the critical picture of life.

“It’s crucial that you love and respect your body, understand what it needs, and accordingly give everything in appropriate proportion.”
The body is just a form and medium of executing life as a form. We must understand that every misery in this world revolves around the body. If we want people to respect our body and our way of life then we must respect and understand our mechanism.

“I think it is vital to keep redefining yourself as an actor with the roles you do and, at the same time, create diversity in your body of work.”
The actor is a human being who encompasses various lives and various narratives. We must constantly redefine ourselves and try to search for a new dimension of our behaviour. Creating versatility is the prime job of an actor.

“Factors such as timing, luck, and destiny have a bearing on success. But success and failure are good teachers. Failure means something better is waiting for you. But I will allow myself to get upset at failure only if I know I have not given it my all.”
Success is not just a concept of effort, it also needs a push of destiny. We can learn at every moment from two teachers named success and failure. Failure gives us the hope of trying again and if we feel disastrous after encountering failure then we must understand that we didn’t pour out our soul and that’s why we lost it. These factors and twisting elements make our journey and attempt intriguing.