Bigg Boss: Top 8 controversies from season 7 you should know

Bigg Boss has been a show of controversies. Here are top 8 most controversial moments from Bigg Boss season 7

Bigg Boss season 7 is among the most controversial seasons in the history of Bigg Boss. The season was aired on hindi language channel Colors from 15 of September,2013 and gone off air on 28 of December, 2013. This was the fourth time when Salman khan hosted the show. The season was launched with a tagline “Jannat Ka Wow Aur Jahannam Ka Aaw Dekhege Saath Saath”. Gauahar Khan, last seen in Bigg Boss season 14, lifted the winner’s trophy whereas Tanisha Mukherji was the first runner up. The show was very popular among the audience and managed to garnered good spot on the rating chart. The season was full of twists and surprises. Whereas the season was very often seen making into the headlines for it’s controversial statements or contestants. From Salman Khan being accused of favouring contestants to Gauahar leaving the house, here are top 8 controversies of Bigg Boss season 7 which will shock you.

Top 8 controversies of Bigg Boss season 7



Tasks given by Bigg Boss is often seen getting ugly turns by the housemates. During a task “Big Box” for immunity, Kushal Tandon and Tanisha Mukherji were seen indulging in ugly fight. Kushal was provoking Tanisha to come out of the box with little too much vigour. Tanisha lost her calm and came out of the box giving a violent push to Kushal. Not only this, again she deliberately pushed herself against him. The act by Kajol’s sister had received severe backlash.


After the ugly spat between Kushal and Tanisha during Bigg Boss task, Salman Khan was seen favouring Tanisha instead of Kushal even after her violent push. He rediculed Kushal for disrespecting woman even after she was the one who started the violent act. Many people raised questions over Salman’s judgement who was seen taking side of Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s relative Tanisha.


Before the premier of the season, rumours suggested that Kajol’s sister Tanisha Mukherji is going to participate as a contestant. Whereas Tanuja and Kajol were not happy with Tanisha entering the house. There were speculations that the actress might call off her entry, later on she participated.


It came like as a shock to the audience and fans of Bigg Boss when the most calm and sensible contestant of the season Shilpa Agnihotri was seen losing her calm over her husband shaving his lock off into a Mohawk as a part of a challenge task by Bigg Boss. She was seen shouting, yelling and vandalising Bigg Boss property.


Kushal Tandon’s comment over one of the fellow housemate Vivek over his sexuality was among the controversial statements given by the actor. Kushal was seen remarking Vivek as “Chamiya” during a fight.


Tanisha and fellow housemate Armaan kohli were seen coming close inside the house of the Bigg Boss. While Vivek Mishra, one of the contestant after evicting from the house accused Armaan of having being engaged to a girl outside the house.


During a task, Andy (one of the contestants) was seen making derogatory statements against Gauahar Khan regarding her personal belongings. Kushal who was then sharing close bond with Gauahar blasted out on Andy and grabbed his neck. Kushal Tandon was immediately dismissed by the Bigg Boss for breaking the rules of the house.


Following the above event, Gauahar found Bigg Boss act of dismissing Kushal from the house unfair and decided to voluntarily leave the house with him. Because of all these incidents Gauahar suffered from bad health when she decided to leave the house with him. Kushal carried Gauahar in his arms and stepped out of the house. The event created nation wide stir as such incident had never happened in the history of Bigg Boss.


The season witnessed many couples and love stories.But the bond between Tanisha and Armaan was criticised the most. The two were often observed in inappropriate positions. Salman khan also warned the duo to watch out their actions as the house has 84 cameras. Ajay Devgan was apparently triggered with their kissing pictures that surfaced on the internet and asked Viacom18 Pictures to evict her. A leaked video from Bigg Boss house made stir on internet in which Armaan was seen asking for sexual favours from Tanisha.