Fact Check: ‘Amit Shah disowns Modi’, viral Whatsapp message warning may contain virus, details inside

Whatsapp, a popular online texting platform is often dubbed as the hub of fake news. A lot of messages circulated on the platform are not backed with proofs and facts. Recently, a warning message requesting people not to accept a video titled ‘Amit Shah disowns Modi’ as it contains a virus to format the mobile phone is circulating on the platform. The message also asks the receivers to block a particular number- 9266600223.

“Pls (please) inform to all the contacts on your list not to accept a video called the “Amit Shah disowns Modi” It is a virus that formats your mobile. It is very dangerous. They announced it on the radio today, Fwd (forward) this MSG (message) to as many as you can. High alert. Pls (please) block this no 9266600223. They are credit/debit card hackers. Pls (please) inform all your near and dear ones (sic),” reads the viral Whatsapp message.

The claims made in the message are false. If a dangerous virus was circulating through messages, the government would have announced on several platforms to warn the citizens. However, no such announcements have been made.

A similar false claim titled, ‘Sonia disowns Rahul’ was trending in 2017. Even at that time, the fact-checking agencies declared that the message was fake.

We request all our readers not to believe such messages and check for proofs before believing in hearsay.

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