Fact check: Did Rahul Gandhi really say ‘Aata 22 rupee litre’? Here’s truth behind viral video

Social media users shared a video where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi used “litre” as a unit of measure for “aata” (flour).

Through its “Halla bol” protest in the nation’s capital on Sunday, the NDA government in power at the Center was roundly criticised by Congress party leaders on the subject of unemployment and price increases.

Rahul Gandhi distributed a pricing list to demonstrate how the commodity market has been affected by inflation while the senior Congress leaders took turns criticising the BJP.


Rahul Gandhi can be heard messing up the unit for “flour” in a popular YouTube clip.

Rahul Gandhi is heard saying in the viral video, “Aata pehle tha Rs 22 per litre, ab Rs 40 per litre (Flour was Rs 22 per litre but now it is Rs 40 per litre).”

Several twitter users posted the popular Rahul Gandhi video along with the Hindi caption, twitter user Amit Kumar tweeted “Aata kab se litre ke bhaav milne laga Rahul baba?”

Shweta Bhattacharya wrote “Rahul ji aata litre mein mitla hai ya KG mein yeh pehle tay kar lijfje… script mein toh galtiyaan ho sakti hain lekin litre aur KG mein fark toh aapko hee karna hai!”

Rahul Gandhi made a mistake in his address when comparing the cost of certain goods to past years, according to the Business Upturn Fact Check. Rahul Gandhi did refer to the mass of flour in “litres,” but he quickly corrected himself. Since it only includes a portion of his speech, the popular video is deficient.

The entirety of Rahul Gandhi’s September 4 speech at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan was discovered to be posted on the Indian National Congress’s official YouTube channel.

Rahul Gandhi started comparing the costs of a few necessities with those in 2014 in the middle of his speech. Gandhi made a mistake while shouting out the unit price for flour while he was reciting the cost of various commodities, whose units were typically in litres.

From the time stamp 1.52.00 on the YouTube video, Gandhi said, “I have figures from 2014 when an LPG cylinder used to cost Rs 410, today it is Rs 1050. Petrol was Rs 70 per litre. Today it is around Rs 100 per litre. Diesel was Rs 55 per litre, today it is Rs 90 per litre. Mustard oil was Rs 90 per litre, today it is Rs 200 per litre. Milk was Rs 35 per litre, today it is Rs 60 per litre. Aata (flour) was Rs 22 per litre, today it is Rs 40 per litre.”

Then, as soon as he took a breath, he corrected himself and added, “Oh, Kg so, on the one hand, you’re being hammered by unemployment, and on the other, there is awful inflation.”