Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ruhi’s ‘victim card’ act receives negative response from netizens- Have a look

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai show is going through some major drama, which have splendidly risen their TRP ratings. Fans are awestruck with the recent chain of events and seems like there’s no end to the melodrama. The last episode showcased Abhira getting to know the truth about Armaan and Ruhi’s love affair. This news comes as a shock as she is deeply hurt.

Kaveri was the one who spilled this secret, which was her way of separating Abhira and Armaan forever. Ruhi even blamed Abhira for ruining her life and taking away her only love. The former said that everything changed for them since Abhira’s entry in their lives.


In addition to that, Swarna and Surekha also accused Abhira of taking over Ruhi’s happiness. They even blamed her for snatching Ruhi’s grandfather i.e Manish Goenka from her as well. This came as a shock for Abhira and she was completely heartbroken. Kaveri, who was watching all the drama came to Abhira’s rescue and questioned her saying how will she be able to sustain in Poddar family.

Meanwhile, Abhira even confronted Armaan regarding his affair. To which the latter tried explaining her the entire situation. However, Abhira was in mood to listen to his justifications. She told him that she will be leaving him forever.

Ruhi’s victim card act has gotten widespread criticism from netizens. They took to X to express their annoyance. Have a look

Abhira’s move to leave Armaan will be the end of their love symphony. It will be intriguing to witness how the story will unfold from here on.