Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai plot twist: Abhira and Armaan to get separated?- Here’s what we know

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai show has been going through a major turn of events. The serial has grabbed immense limelight in the past few days and is often buzzed around. The recent episodes showcased how Abhira fought the case against Dadisa in court. Though she was on the other side, Abhira proved Dadisa innocent.

Samridhii Shukla aka Abhira proved that Dadisa was framed in the case, while the real culprit was the builder. Despite Abhira’s kind gestures, Dadisa slammed Abhira and asked her to leave the Poddar house. She even asked Armaan to follow suit.


Hearing this news, Ruhi would ask Armaan to leave Abhira and abstain from leaving the house. However, Armaan is perplexed by the recent turn in events. Abhira also asks him to leave her alone. She says that she will leave the house and will stay in a hostel.

Abhira even puts forth the idea that they should get separated. This would make them feel emotional, and the duo will share some adorable moments. Armaan gives in and decides to stay with his family. But, it would be Vidya who would come to Abhira and Armaan’s rescue.

Vidya will slam Dadisa for her rude behaviour. She would call her out because of her impartialness towards Armaan. Then everyone from the family would realize this and support Vidya’s claim. This would lead Dadisa to change her decision.

It will be interesting to witness if Armaan and Abhira’s story will end here or if there will be a major plot twist awaiting the audience.