Sidharth Sagar refutes Shilpa Shinde’s claims; denies crying on set

Shilpa Shinde had earlier revealed that comedian Sidharth Sagar had cried due to working for long hours. Sidharth has refuted all her claims.

Recently, actress Shilpa Shinde had claimed that the producers of Gangs Of Filmistan exploit artists. She claimed that she was used only as a prop and expressed her disappointment at the show for allegedly revolving only around comedian Sunil Grover.

In one of her chats, Shilpa revealed that her co-star, comedian Sidharth Sagar had tears in his eyes as he was tired after working for long hours. However, she added that he didn’t speak up because he’s worried about being sacked from the show and being boycotted.


In a chat with Spotboye, Sidharth denied Shilpa’s claims and said, “I really don’t know why did she tell all this. I also got to know about it after the article was shown to me. I am working with the best people and enjoying shooting the gags completely. I am someone who has worked for long 24 hours in one go and that also didn’t made me cry here to we are working just 12 hours a day. I really don’t understand what is Shilpa benefitting from all this.”

Talking about Sunil Grover and if he really takes away the spotlight, Sidharth stated, “Not at all. He is an amazing person and a brilliant artist. He always gives us the space. I have no complaints against him.” Sidharth also shared that he has no idea if Shilpa has already quit the show.

Meanwhile, Shilpa has confirmed that she is not a part of Gangs Of Filmistan anymore.