Shark Tank India 3: Jeevika Tyagi slams Vineeta Singh for passing derogatory remarks on her brand- Read details 

Shark Tank India has garnered an immense fan following in recent times. The business reality show seems to drop intriguing episodes every day and the audience is in for all the knowledge. However, the popular reality show has also landed in many controversies over some time.

Recently, Jeevika Tyagi pitched her brand athleisure on the show. She expressed that she was not happy with how the episode was being telecasted and even stated how it would continue to affect her mentally. In an interview, Jeevika stated how Vineeta Singh shook her confidence at the beginning of her pitch. There was a deleted scene, wherein Vineeta said that none of us know your brand.


The entrepreneur claimed that Vineeta used a different tonality for their brand from the very start. She could have refrained from investing by politely saying no. However, the Shark passed derogatory comments on their brand and their pitch was considered a khichdi.

Jeevika asserts further that Vineeta also compared their brand with their competitors, which she finds to be rude. If they had come here with all the hard work, she should have talked about their company. Vineeta even appreciated the competitor brand and called out their (others) brand to be more successful.

The pitcher said that the only takeaway that she would like to give out would be that be kind to the entrepreneurs. If you don’t want to invest in the company, do not pass derogatory comments which will eventually affect the brand image of the company.