Mohit Malik: I have to go to set and run my house

Mohit Malik is ready to move out of his self-imposed paternity break, and is actively sifting through projects.


­Television actor Mohit Malik, who is well known for his prominent roles in several Indian daily soaps like Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, Miilee, Doli Armaano Ki, and recently he was seen in ‘Lockdown ki love story’ along with Sana Sayyad. In his recent conversation with Hindustan Times, the actor said he is now ready to move to sets after a long paternity break.

Mohit, who recently became a father in April, said, “I have been so busy with Ekbir (his son) till now. It was something which I manifested. I wanted to be at home for the first two months and last month of Addite’s pregnancy. Now, I want to go back. I meet people, I am going to narrations. I will pick up something if I like.”

The 37-years old actor further added, “There is hesitation. But at the end of the day, we all have to work whatever said and done. I have to go to set and run my house. I have to work. (I hope) sabka vaccination jaldi hoga, precautions will be in place, and I will take all the precautions.”

“I hope nothing happens. I will have to go to the set. I have to work. You can’t sit at home thinking ‘I am not going to go’. Then who is going to run my house? I have to go out and work. You can’t sit at home and just be on Instagram, ” he concluded.