“Lot of people are forced to make compromises, we should be empathetic to them as well”: Rohit Roy

Rohit Roy talks about his new show, Sanak – Ek Junoon.

Rohit Roy is out with his new web series, Sanak – Ek Junoon. In the show, the actor plays a junior lawyer who is at a very tricky crossroads when his supervisor gives him a profitable do-or-die opportunity. In real life, as well, Rohit says there are times that test the personality of an individual however one always has a choice.

Rohit doesn’t show emotion when he says that he hasn’t compromised on his principles for the sake of success. He says, “You always have a choice, even if its a life-death situation. I have also faced several such crossroads in my life, sometimes subtly, sometimes directly. It’s been 25 years and I would never ever make a compromise with my principles, value,s or my core system. If it has taken a lot more time to reach where I am, then I am fine with it. I can sit here and look into your eyes and say this with confidence because I haven’t made any compromise.”


Discussing the compromise his character Ajay makes to achieve success, Rohit says, “It’s a personal call. Rohit would not have made that call but Ajay makes that call because success for him was much more important. For me, success is sitting here and talking to you and you appreciating my work.”

Nonetheless, Rohit feels one shouldn’t pass judgment on the people who are forced to give in. “But lot of people are forced to make compromises, we should be empathetic to them as well. We don’t know under what circumstances… Sometimes that choice becomes very difficult and you do take the easy way out.”

Rohit says compromise is a common practice in the profession however one needs to draw a boundary.  “I can’t make a film for someone just because his father is putting in money. What will people say, ‘He made Rice Plate, what is this he has made?’ That compromise I will not make,” he says.