Iam Tongi wins American Idol Season 21 at the age of 18 – WATCH

The singing based reality show American Idol Season 21 has finally got its winner. The 18-year-old Iam Tongi has been crowned as the winner of the popular singing show, while Megan Danielle from Georgia ended up as a runner-up.

Tongi revealed during his auditions that the inspiration behind his musical journey was his father. He revealed, “Son. I need to talk to you. You need to work on your music”, Tongi’s father told him.


“My dad, he wasn’t a perfect dude,” Iam added. “He wasn’t like a saint, or whatever. But he was the best father that I know. And I want everyone to know that he’s a tough guy. He always told me the truth, he always loved me. And I always loved him too.”

During his interview with ‘The Kent Reporter’ Iam stated that he had never planned to mention his father and make his audition a sad stage. “People thought I cry because I miss him, but it’s ’cause I hear him singing — I can hear his harmony,” Tongi told “Idol” producers after the audition. “I know he’s with me. Through my music, he’ll always be with me.”

His audition clip was the most viewed of the season with 16 million views on youtube, for which he performed the song ‘Monsters’ by James Blunt, which he dedicated to his father.