Karan Johar’s latest promo drops intriguing hints about Bigg Boss OTT

In the latest promo released on Tuesday, filmmaker Karan Johar revealed some intriguing hints about the show, which piqued the interest of Bigg Boss fans.

On Tuesday, with the release of the latest promo filmmaker Karan Johar, who will host the show’s OTT season, revealed some intriguing hints about the show, which piqued the interest of Bigg Boss fans. Karan will premiere Bigg Boss OTT on Voot on August 8 for the first time.

Taking to his Instagram Karan Johar shared a video with the caption, “Starting 8th August, 8:00 pm on every Sunday and catch the episodes @ 7pm on Mon-Sat & LIVE 24×7 all days!”


The audience of the show is on their toes as they have been surprised time-to-time since the show has been announced. The viewers will have 24×7 LIVE access to the show.

Furthermore, this exclusivity will last for the next six weeks before the show airs on television. According to reports, the show will be bolder and crazier than any of the previous seasons. The types of tasks that the contestants will be assigned will be revealed in the coming days, especially after the show premieres on Voot on August 8, 2021.

What makes this show even more intriguing for viewers is that the common man will have extraordinary powers and will decide on the punishments for the Bigg Boss OTT house inmates. According to insiders reported by ANI, while there will be plenty of drama, entertainment, and emotions, the show’s ‘Over The Top’ ideas will raise the bar a few notches.

Karan Johar had said, “Being a fan of the show, I’m excited about the new elements we’ve introduced to Bigg Boss OTT. I’m eagerly waiting to see the viewers’ participation in the show that takes over the top to an altogether new higher level. Not to forget, I’m also eagerly looking forward to seeing what kinds of punishment the audiences will give to the contestants,” via ANI.