Kamya Panjabi revealed, “Armaan Kohli didn’t just call her ‘divorcee’ on Bigg Boss 7 but also hurled abuses”

Kamya Panjabi said that she ‘cried alone’ when Armaan Kohli hurled abuses and called her ‘divorcee’ on Bigg Boss 7.

Kamya Panjabi openly supports Jay Bhanushali in big boss 15 has not gone down excessively well with fans of Pratik Sehajpal. Jay abused Pratik’s mother during one of their fights on Bigg Boss 15.

A Twitter user said that Kamya got disturbed when Armaan Kohli called her ‘divorcee’ on Bigg Boss 7 and asked her to think about Pratik, who was raised by a single mother. Kamya said that Armaan called her a ‘divorcee’ but also hurled abuses.

She wrote on Twitter, “Armaan ne sirf divorcee nahi kaha tha balki bahot sari maa behen ki gaaliyan bhi di thi (Apart from calling me a divorcee, Armaan also hurled abuses directed at family), I kept laughing at him n then cried akele meh (alone).”

“Maine koi aggression nahi dikhaya naa koi bb ki property todi, warna dono meh fark kya reh jaata! Aur gaali toh gaali hai na cricket ho ya bb (I did not get aggressive or destroy any property in the Bigg Boss house because if I did, what would the difference between us be? And abusive language is abusive language, be it cricket or Bigg Boss),” she added.

Kamya was reacting to a tweet which said, “Armaan ke ‘Divorcee’ bolne pei aapne poora ghar sar pei chadha liya tha (When Armaan called you a ‘divorcee’, you raised a hue and cry)… Even at that time, I was against Armaan… But try to understand, this is Maa ki gaali, to a guy who is raised by a single Mother.. Cricket ko Bigg boss se compare kyu (Why are you comparing cricket and Bigg Boss) #BiggBoss15 #BB15 #PratikSehajpal.”

Previously, Kamya wrote on Twitter, “Cricket ke maidaan meh gaali,gussa hone par gaali khushi meh gaali harr jagah gaali…mudda kyu nahi bann raha bhai. Oh, yess kisine kuch todha nahi na (Abusive language on the cricket field, abusive language when one is angry, abusive language when one is happy… So much abusive language but why is no one making an issue of it? Oh yes, because no one broke anything) but yes I agree GAALI DENA GALAT HAI (it is wrong to use abusive language).”

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