Bigg Boss14: Rahul Vaidya disses Eijaz Khan’s brash behaviour, critiques his tea-making skills

Backbiting and gossiping is become comman thing in Bigg Boss14 house. You can see housemates gossiping about each other in every corner of the house. In a recent Extra Masala clip Rahul Vaidya is seen talks about Eijaz Khan’s manner and behaviour with Nikki Tamboli and was also critiques his tea-making skills.

The clip starts as, in a conversation with Aly Goni, Rahul Vaidya tells him that yesterday Nikki told him she heard talking Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Eijaz Khan that ‘ab kuch bhi hoga fatenge acche se’, after that Eijaz asks Nikki why she was saying? Nikki ignores.

Aly hears that and says okay then we will also do that.


Rahul says that she was right ‘aise aate jaate koi bhi kuch bolega toh kon sunega’, Aly agrees Rahul and supports Nikki.

Then Rahul seen Eijaz coming so he change the way to explaining, he said ‘she heard it and told me’.

Eijaz came and asks Rahul and Aly that ‘chai badhiya hua hai’ Rahul and Aly nodded then Eijaz makes exit from there.

Later, Rahul informs Aly that Eijaz put twenty four spoons of sugar in the tea. Aly shocked to learn that and asks ’24 chammach?’ Rahul nodded.
Then Rahul says he saw when Eijaz was making tea and also asks him that ‘chai bana rhe ho ya sikanji bana rahe ho’.

After which Aly says that ‘chasni bana raha tha’, Rahul says he also further didn’t interfair him due to his broken heart after Pavitra eviction.