Bigg Boss14: Rahul reveals his favourite travel destination

Looks like Rahul Vaidya is living all our dreams. Travelling the whole world!
In a recent Extra Masala clip Kavita Kaushik is seen inquiring Rahul Vaidya about the places he has travelled to, he reveals his favourite getaway destinations.

The clip begins with Kavita asks Rahul that how far has he travelled for work and everything, he proudly says the whole world accept South America. And that’s kinda dream of each one of us.


He looks satisfied and says that it’s not just about the travelling but about his art too, the love he gets from the people and being handsomely paid for what you love, what’s there in the world more to ask for. Living in hotel rooms and travelling.

Kavita is mesmerized with his story and equally excited when Rahul says “I’ll invite you to one of my shows! “.