Bigg Boss OTT 3: Poulomi Das and Vishal Pandey get into heated argument over dishes

Bigg Boss OTT 3 premiered on June 21 and the fans are enjoying every bit of the episodes ever since. The first episode since premiere was filled with a lot of controversies and drama. One of the moments which managed to grab the most eyeballs was Poulomi Das and Vishal Pandey getting into a heated argument.

In the latest episode of the reality show, things got intense between the two contestants as Poulomi said, “You can’t stay here like it’s your house; have some mannerism.” The clash between the two escalated quickly with emotions running high and tensions flaring up in the Bigg Boss house.


The whole drama begin when Poulomi asked Vishal to not keep half eaten food in the fridge and to wash the dishes. Vishal did not like it and replied, he will do the dishes when he wants to.

The season 3 of Bigg Boss OTT will be hosted by Anil Kapoor, who has set into shoes of veteran Bigg Boss host Salman Khan.