Bigg Boss OTT 2 Highlights 20 July: Elvish Yadav’s captaincy is stopped by Avinash Sachdev’s SECRET TASK, Bebika cries when Abhishek Malhan makes a remark about her father

Bebika and Abhishek get into a furious dispute, which causes Bebika to start crying.

The day starts on a great note as Avinash denies calling Jiya there and instead says he is only giving her advise for her task, Falaq agrees. Manisha Rani advises Jiya cook parathas for the other housemates as soon as she enters the kitchen. Jiya is enraged when Falaq calls her name and she declines, causing humorous confusion as everyone pretends not to hear her.

Chants & Jokes


Jiya is so enraged that she runs to the lawn and screams in frustration, drawing everyone’s attention to her. Abhishek Malhan lightens the atmosphere by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, which makes the audience laugh.

In the meantime, Abhishek, Manisha, and Elvish Yadav engage in lively conversation, with Abhishek making jokes about flirting with Aashika Bhatia and Elvish expressing his wish to flirt with Falaq.

Avinash’s Top-Secret Task

Avinash is given a covert assignment to thwart Elvish’s hopes of becoming captain. Avinash is informed by Bigg Boss that Elvish’s dictatorship is popular with the viewers and will continue.

Making Elvish consume meals prepared by Jiya, convincing Falaq to give Elvish a head massage, and having tantrums in front of Elvish are all part of Avinash’s work.

Falaq and Jiya’s Attempts

Elvish refuses to eat the food Jiya prepared despite her best efforts. Falaq, however, finds it difficult to massage Elvish’s head for the needed five minutes. Resuming his dictatorship, Elvish commands Avinash to stand in queue and commands Abhishek to speak.

Manisha’s ‘Ghost’ version

As part of her covert mission, Jiya makes a strong effort to get Elvish to consume the cupcakes. Abhishek carries Manisha around the home while she is decked out in a witch costume.

Chaos Is Caused by Avinash’s Sneaky Secret Task

Elvish is informed by Abhishek about Avinash’s tantrum-related covert task. Avinash reveals his secret goal to Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve one at a time. Jiya and Falaq are successful in completing their duty by giving Elvish a head massage and some food.

Disclosing Avinash’s Planning

Manisha’s plug is removed by Avinash, who then declares her unsuitable in the captaincy room. Avinash’s actions also harm Aashika Bhatia, who he disqualifies from running for captain.

Housemates suspect a task

Avinash’s gang’s sudden friendliness makes Manisha, Abhishek, and Aashika believe they are working on a secret mission. Falaq tries to mislead everyone into leaving the house by claiming to have found a snake, but no one is duped.

Pooja Bhatt ACTION ITEM Abhishek – Bebika in tears

Abhishek is resistant to Pooja’s warnings concerning Avinash’s motivations. While seated on the throne in his dictatorial round, Avinash makes fun of Elvish. Bebika and Abhishek get into a furious dispute, which causes Bebika to start crying. She breaks down in tears once more when Abhishek makes a remark about Bebika’s father.

The Avinash Plan continues

Falaq is asked to divert everyone’s attention so Avinash can enter the task room undetected. Jiya’s plug is pulled by Avinash, eliminating her from contention for the captaincy.

The Truth is Unveiled by Bigg Boss

All of the housemates are gathered in the hall as Bigg Boss reveals Avinash’s hidden assignment. The captaincy competition is officially declared over for Aashika, Manisha, and Jiya, and Avinash’s mission is completed, ensuring that no one would post a humiliating video online.

Later, the BB holds the Vicco “Asardar Vichar” Task, in which Jiya marks the contestant’s picture that she thinks best fits the given descriptions.