Bigg Boss 17: Neil Bhatt makes a shocking revelation about Vicky Jain; says, “Usko hairline and baldness ki problem hai”

The Bigg Boss 17 episode showcases Vicky Jain secret being revealed about baldness and hairline issues. Check out what Neil Bhatt has to say about it.

In light of the recent elimination shocker, Bigg Boss 17 contestants are currently treading carefully. The archive room is accessible to the Dimaag housemates, as was previously disclosed. Bigg Boss will ask the Dimaag housemates to select the three least strong contestants to be eliminated in the next episode.

Vicky adds the names of Jigna and Rinku, and Sana takes Neil’s name. Arun and Tehelka also shared their thoughts on Naved and Abhishek. They give Bigg Boss their names after debating which three housemates are the weakest.


All of the housemates were later gathered in the living room by Bigg Boss. Vicky scolds Abhishek as he tries to speak. He says, “Koi baat ka jawaab nahi dena chahta. “Makaan no 2’s housemates gave me three names who should have left the house long ago,” the boss then declared. Any one of the three housemates will currently be kicked out of the house right away. Ankita, Abhishek, Neil, and Khanzaadi were moved to tears by this.

Previously, the housemates caused a lot of trouble when they discovered that Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain were receiving preferential treatment within the house.

Neil Bhatt then made a shocking revelation about Vicky. He said, “Ushko hairline and baldness ki problem hai. Ushko wig ki zarurat padti hai ishliye har 2 weeks mein ushko medical glue ki zarurat padti hai. Ishne pehle hi contract mein likhwa liya tha shyad ishliye ushko allow karte hai.”

Bigg Boss then called Ankita and Vicky out, informing them that their special treatment would be discontinued until the other housemates agreed to their additional privileges.