Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks: Aishwarya Sharma reveals having trouble sleeping alone after marriage with Neil Bhatt; says, “Yeh toh chahiye sathme mereko warna sone nahi hota tha”

Aishwarya Sharma shared her difficulty sleeping alone during Neil Bhatt’s absence, emphasizing the impact of his night shoots on her rest. The challenges she faced were part of a candid conversation.

In the most recent Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks video clip, Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt were discussing about their marital life with co-contestant Rinku Dhawan. Aishwarya during their conversation mentioned about the challenge of sleeping alone in his absence.

This BB Quicks video clip starts with Rinku teasing the two about their marriage anniversary which was happened in the previous week. Aishwarya then shares how she was scared the day before her marriage and how unreal it felt the whole time. She then mentioned, “Tab aisa lag raha tha ki onscreen and offscreen shaadi mein Jamin asman ka farak hai.”


Rinku then points out saying, “Tab packup karke Ghar aa jate hai ab toh yahin rehna hai.” Aishwarya agree and says, “Option nahi hai na mere pass.”

Rinku also shares how during her initial days of marriage she used to get confused on her husband sleeping besides her.

Aishwarya then says, “Aishwarya stated that Neil is just as insane as she is, but he keeps his guard up inside the house.raat bhar sone nahi hota mereko.”

Neil also shares instances when Aishwarya would stay up during his night shoots and how challenging it was for the actress to sleep away from him. The BB Quicks clip ends with Aishwarya relaying how she use to constantly call Neil and wait for him to be home as quickly as possible.

Recent episode updates, Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt were seen having a conversation with co-contestant and their acting senior Rinku Dhawan regarding their marital problems. During the same, Aishwarya stated that Neil is just as insane as she is, but he keeps his guard up inside the house.