Bigg Boss 16: “Yahan toh dosti chorh do Nimrit;” Nimrit Ahluwalia proves to be an ‘unfair captain’ yet again?

This week, Nimrit became the Rani of the house.


In one of the promos of Bigg Boss season 16’s tonight’s episode telecast on Colors Tv, we see Nimrit Ahluwalia asked by Bigg Boss to rank all the contestants according to their contribution to the show. She is seen preferring her own group of friends in this task as well.

This week, Nimrit became the Rani of the house, so may be that is why she is asked by Bigg Boss for such a task. This task leads to a huge fight amongst the housemates. She puts Shiv Thakare on number 1, Soundarya Sharma on number 2, Abdu Rozik on number 3 and Sajid Khan on number 5 and keeps all others below 5 with Ankit Gupta ranked at number 11.

Ankit is seen saying, “yahan toh fair ho jao Nimrit.” Archana is seen shouting, “paanch number takk saare mandli ke log jayenge dekh lena.” Nimrit is saying, “main yeh ranking apni marzi ke hisab se karungi.” Ankit tells her when she puts him on 11 that, “9 hafton mein sirf ek baar nominate hokar bhi yahin khada hu toh yeh chanta hai tum sabh ke muh par.” He even defends Priyanka’s rank by saying, “har muddhe mein ghusti hai toh uski ranking toh upar honi chahiye contribution ke hisab se.”