Bigg Boss 16: “What is with such easy CAPTAINCY and NOMINATIONS tasks?” Vishal Kotian and netizens on pre-planned tasks

Last night’s captaincy task was also extremely biased.


Bigg Boss is being too lenient this time around, especially with Sajid Khan and his group of friends, Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 winner — Shiv Thakare, rapper — MC Stan, smallest singer in the world from Tajikistan — Abdu Rozik, Shiv’s close friend — Nimrit Ahluwalia and now Sajid’s newly found fondness, ‘Imlie’ lead actress — Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Lenient would be an understatement for the kind of special treatment Bigg Boss is offering to them in this season. Bigg Boss seems to be shamelessly favouring Sajid Khan’s group. Last week, Bigg Boss very conveniently and smoothly used the sweet and innocent Abdu Rozik to save Sajid Khan, Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Ahluwalia and MC Stan from being nominated from the Bigg Boss house last week. Even during the initial days of this season, Abdu and Sajid were presented the titles of tasks in a dish as it is, garnished with lack of controversy.

Last night’s captaincy task was also extremely biased. It seemed like it was made to make Sajid Khan the captain. It was a clean sweep win for Sajid Khan. Now, many ex contestants like Vishal Kotian and other fans of the most controversial show of the country, Bigg Boss, are beginning to question Bigg Boss’s legitimacy. Seems like Bigg Boss is clearly favouring one particular group over others. Even the power given to Sajid Khan post last night’s captaincy win, looked pre-planned. Here’s what Twitterati has to say about this: