Bigg Boss 16: Tanushree Datta is disgusted with Sajid Khan’s entry in the house; Here’s what she said

Tanushree Datta’s revelation really started the #MeToo movement in India back in 2018.

Bigg Boss season 16’s most contentious contestant is Sajid khan. He has been at the receiving end of flack from women and feminists across the nation. Tanushree Datta has been one such actress who has voiced her opinion against the participation of Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss 16. For the unversed, in 2018 Sajid Khan was accused of sexual misconduct by many women. And he became one of the biggest names from bollywood to have become infamous for the #MeToo movement. Sherlyn Chopra was one of the first Indian actresses to have come forward and complained about Sajid’s sexual misconduct. However, It was Tanushree Datta whose revelation really started the #MeToo movement in India back in 2018.

In a recent interview with The Times of India, Tanushree has again expressed her concern of letting Sajid Khan on national television, even after he’s accused of such serious allegations. She said, “I am appalled too. I am speechless at the sheer irresponsibility of this action and the impact it would have on the public. I don’t watch Bigg Boss and I think I ever will after this.”


Conveying her worries for the #MeToo movement, Tanushree added, “The #MeToo movement was an iconic phenomenon in India, given the culture of silence and secrecy in India about sexual harassment. Being a modern, Indian American girl, I always found it hard to understand why this kind of silence is encouraged at the cost of a rotting eco-system. I mean, if people get punished for bad behaviour, only then will the communities remain safe. It’s just logic. And why so much hush and stigma around calling out predators? You go complain to police if someone robs your house, right? Then why not complain if someone hurts your honour or tries to trouble you for their devious pleasures. People think I’m just too American, but I’m just upholding my honour as an Indian woman.”