Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer disgusted with Shalin Bhanot; latter shouts, “Abey Yedi”

Soundarya Sharma was hell bent in giving Sumbul a chance, but surprisingly Shalin Bhanot wanted to save Shiv Thakare.

Bigg Boss’s latest episode, which was telecast last night, has been one of the best episodes of the currently running season number 16. There have been nominations that took place in the previous first three weeks of the season too. But, fourth week saw the contestants, for the second time pitting against each other. Previous such in-your-face nominations took place in the first week itself and by then not many contestants knew each other so well. There were lesser bonds that were built, fewer groups that were seen. Therefore the animosity of being nominated by one of the 16 contestants wasn’t too personal for the housemates. The equations have changed by week 4. So these nominations have brought in a lot of drama, especially for Sumbul Touqeer and the infamous Shalin Bhanot.

Shalin was paired up with Soundarya Sharma in last night’s nomination procedure and they both had to decide the fate of Shiv Thakare Vs Sumbul Touqeer. Where Soundarya was hell bent in giving Sumbul a chance, surprisingly Sumbul’s apparent best buddy in the house, Shalin Bhanot wanted to save Shiv Thakare, who, during the last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ accused Shalin of wearing a mask on his face all the time and threatened him, “teri charbi utarunga main.” All this conversation between Shalin and Soundarya could be heard by Sumbul. They eventually nominated Shiv. But Sumbul was really upset with Shalin’s behaviour.


Now, in one of the promos shared by Colors Tv, shows Shalin and Sumbul in a conversation, where Shalin is trying to make Sumbul understand his stance, but Sumbul seems to have had enough of his bullshit. She says, “tumhare bare mein itni bakwas kari gayi thi, phir bhi main ayi thi tumhare paas.”

Only time will tell the fate of these two friends in the Bigg Boss house.