Bigg Boss 16: “Sumbul like men,” Abdu Rozik mocks Sumbul Touqeer’s looks; Netizens bash the cutie

Abdu Rozik was also seen making fun of Ankit Gupta.


In yesterday’s telecast of Bigg Boss Season 16’s fifth week’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode, Abdu Rozik was seen sitting with his group of friends — Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, Sajid Khan and Nimrit Ahluwalia in the balcony. Everyone looks like in a chilling mood after the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ shoot. Sajid Khan while pointing at Nimrit asked Abdu, “is she as beautiful as Sumbul?” MC Stan seemed to laugh at the question and Nimrit, too, was heard chuckling at the question asked by Sajid from her fun-crush partner in the house.

To everyone’s surprise, the Tajikistani, Guinness Book of World Record Holder of being the smallest singer, with a height of 3 feet and 1 inches, who also happens to be a boxer, Abdu Rozik, replied, “Sumbul like man.” He implied to mock at Sumbul’s looks by saying that she looks like a man. Everyone seemed to chuckle at bit and get surprised by the way this cutie replied, including Abdu, but Nimrit also stopped Abdu from passing nasty and unnecessarily personal remarks on Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s looks.

This did not go down with netizens. Especially, considering the huge fan following Sumbul carries with herself, it is impossible that Abdu would be spared for saying such a derogatory thing for a female. See what they have to say:

Abdu Rozik was also seen making fun of Ankit Gupta when the latter made fun of Abdu for not being able to talk in front of Nimrit. He was also seen saying that after becoming the captain, if Bigg Boss gives him any power, he will chuck Priyanka out of the house. Netizens have a lot to say about this not-adorable-anymore contestant. Have a look:

In the guise of his innocence, Abdu Rozik is seen to be crossing a lot of lines this season.