Bigg Boss 16: “Shiv Thakare bit me in the house;” Bigg Boss Marathi contestant Aroh Welankar tweets on Shiv

During their time, Bigg Boss Marathi did not evict Shiv Thakare.


Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 winner Shiv Thakare, didn’t become a winner just by being in the good books of all contestants. He became the winner by ferocious fights, ugly verbal spats and a lot of more. He would have made more foes than the number of friends in the house to have won Bigg Boss Marathi’s season 02.

In a recent incident inside Bigg Boss season 16 house, Shiv Thakare provoked Archana Gautam so much that she was forced to hit Shiv Thakare. The incident has been in news for three straight days now. And it is bound to be, since it also involves Priyanka Gandhi from the Congress National Party.

There have been many opinions about the incident inside and outside the house. In this pandemonium of opinions, one of Bigg Boss Marathi season 2’s contestant Aroh Welankar has took to Twitter to put across his opinion against the Bigg Boss season 16’s current contestant, Shiv Thakare, who had bitten Aroh during their season. But during their time, Bigg Boss Marathi did not evict Shiv Thakare, which Aroh thinks he should have. Aroh, even goes on to say that he shouldn’t have forgiven Shiv Thakare for his behaviour that time. Aroh regrets for not being ruthless.

Have a look at Aroh Welankar’s tweet against Shiv Thakare: