Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot reveals his true feelings for Tina Datta; says, “I’m not even going to talk to that girl outside”

Last episode Tina got eliminated as Shalin refused to press the buzzer and loose 25 Lakhs. This was met with sudden change in feelings of the Shalin towards the Uttaran actress.

Tina Datta was evicted from Bigg Boss 16 in the most recent episode after Shalin Bhanot did not press the buzzer and instead saved the Rs 25,000 prize money. In the upcoming promo, Shalin’s behaviour abruptly changed after Tina left the house, and he told Sreejita and Archana that he never liked Tina and knew she was leaving the house.

When Archana Gautam was seentalking to Shalin in the kitchen and asked him if he knew Tina was going to be eliminated from the show. “I knew it when Salman Khan said saath, then only I figured Tina was getting eliminated,” Shalin tells Archana.


“Even like that, I never liked Tina, it was only because of the chicken,” he told Sreejita De, who was cutting vegetables in the kitchen as she prepared for breakfast. “I’m not even going to talk to that girl after I go out because I’ll have my restaurant for it.” added Shalin.

Later in the promo, we see Bigg Boss playing another game and asking Shalin if he had a chance to get Tina back and if he would press the buzzer to save her from being eliminated from the show and losing the Rs 25,00,000 prize money. Shalin presses the buzzer, revealing that he doesn’t care and will distribute the money to all. Later, everyone, including Shalin, is surprised to see Tina return to the house.