Bigg Boss 16: ‘Sabhko Ankit chahiye, Priyanka ko qadar nahin hai;’ Priyanka Choudhary too dominating for Ankit Gupta

nkit promised her to support her, but she ignored him like she’s alone in the room.


Priyanka Chahar Choudhary in last night’s episode of currently running Bigg Boss season 16 was seen trying to act too smart for her best friend and apparent lover/boyfriend, Ankit Gupta. In one of the incidents shown yesterday, Ankit retorted to Archana Gautam when the former said bad things about his buddy Priyanka. During the nominations’ task, Priyanka had gone out of her way to help Archana but Archana in turn did not stand up for Priyanka and ultimately got her eliminated. Not just that Archana also mocked at Priyanka for finally getting nominated.

While Archana was discussing all this with few other housemates, Ankit overheard and gave it back to Archana in support of Priyanka. amongst the many things Ankit also said, “Tu bahar jaakar dekhna, kitni ghatiya lagegi tujhe tu.” Later Priyanka was seen taking a low down of his banter with Archana. Before beginning to say anything, Ankit warned Priyanka of not being friends with Archana anymore. This irked Priyanka and while throwing attitude, she arrogantly asked Ankit to not tell her what to do what not to do, and just tell her what conversation he had with Archana. This obviously led to an argument between the two confused love birds. Following which, Priyanka even went on to say that, she is never wrong as such and that she is sorted but Ankit doesn’t understand many things. After insulting Ankit so much, she even attempted to walk away before calling Ankit a ‘moti budhi.’ Even after all this when Abdu Rozik gave Ankit a rose, he put it in Priyanka’s hair.

Even later, Ankit promised her to support her, but she ignored him like she’s alone in the room. Even during the rating of Abdu’s captaincy task, Priyanka disrespected him for talking for her.

Priyanka was heard saying that she does not expect anything from Ankit but she expects his support. This statement did not make any sense. It’s just Priyanka’s over protectiveness and dominance for Ankit that might take her game up but put her relation with Ankit down.