Bigg Boss 16: “Rapta lagega kheench ke;” Archana Gautam on Shiv Thakare’s poking over Priyanka Choudhary

Archana is seen crying bitterly, as if regretting her actions.

Archana Gautam has been losing her game left-right and centre. Every week she’s given a reality check by many contestants during ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ especially during ‘galatfehmi ke gubbare’ task given by Salman Khan, that even since she’s been complimented by Salman Khan that she’s being loved and is doing the right thing and playing right, she has taken it to her head. She actually got delusional that she’s the one running the show. She had started fighting aggressively with contestants. She had become really ferocious. She would pick up fights just to be seen, especially ever since she was shown the tweets that were written against her in last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar.’ She had actually lost her plot, because she didn’t have any ‘muddas’ of her own. She didn’t know what to do and was severely struggling to generate content and turn all cameras towards her.

Now, in one of the recent aggressive incidents that happened inside the Bigg Boss house, the live clips of which have been doing rounds on the internet, ever since last afternoon, it is rumoured that Archana Gautam has been kicked out of the Bigg Boss season 16 house. No one knew the real and exact reason for it until recently it is heard that she literally tried to hurt Shiv Thakare by piercing her nails around Shiv’s neck. She was then eliminated around 3 AM from the house and has been profusely apologising for her behaviour. It is also said that makers will make a decision for Archana Gautam in tomorrow’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ and most probably she will be called back inside Bigg Boss house because she had been giving a lot of content to the show and contestants too.


Archana had fight with all the housemates because she had kept one of the tissue boxes from the powder room in the kitchen. Shiv Thakare seemed to have provoked her by dragging Priyanka Gandhi, who gave Archana Gautam ticket to run for the MLA elections, into the picture.