Bigg Boss 16: “Raat se planning shuru hui thi. Safal ho gaya Shiv;” Gauahar Khan and other ex contestants on Archana Gautam’s eviction

Some feel Shiv Thakare already had a plan of having Archana evicted by provoking her.


Archana Gautam’s eviction from Bigg Boss season 16 has been really a very traumatic one. One worth debating on. A lot of contestants inside the Bigg Boss house have their opinions on who is right and who is wrong. But, Bigg Boss is not only about what contestants think is happening, but also about what viewers outside Bigg Boss house think is happening inside the most controversial show of the season.

Therefore, Bigg Boss fans and ex contestants have a lot of opinions on whether Shiv Thakare was right or Archana Gautam was wrong or vice versa. This incident has had not only the housemates baffled, but has Twitter divided on their opinion on Archana Gautam’s shocking eviction from the house in the middle of the night.

Some feel Shiv Thakare already had a plan of having Archana evicted by provoking her for her party’s name. Others feel, Archana Gautam, too, had provoked a lot of people in the past in Bigg Boss 16’s tenure up until now, ever since it premiered on October 1, 2022. Some are balanced between the two and maintain the stance that both of them were wrong and that Archana should have been evicted from the house for being physical. Shiv, even though many feel is wrong, at least didn’t raise his hand on any of the contestants. Some even express anger over non-eviction of housemates from the Bigg Boss house from the previous seasons.

Have a look on what exactly many ex celebrity contestants of Bigg Boss have to say: