Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Abdu Rozik shouts at Archana Gautam saying, “Your jaban is long”

We will soon get to see Abdu Rozik’s angry side as Archana Gautam tries to instigate him with various antics.


Bigg Boss 16 is receiving a lot of attention with constant controversies and changing equations.  This season, the show features a number of well-known public figures. Abdu Rozik is one of the most adorable and well-liked contestants of the house.
He has always appeared to be content and upbeat inside the home and never got into fights or controversies, but in recent episodes, he has lost his cool. A Bigg Boss 16 promo has been released in which Abdu Rozik loses his cool over Archana Gautam. For the uninitiated, Abdu is the captain of the house, and Archana is seen telling the contestants that she is having her fun as she tries to irritate Abdu.

In the promo, Archana informs Abdu that Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is sleeping and that Bigg Boss will fire him. Abdu investigates but discovers that Archana is lying. “Realizing the lie, “Your jaban is long,” he says to Archana. He then goes on to threaten to cut her tongue. Archana then suggests that visitors stay at her house for a few days. She was implying that Abdu is a visitor. Abdu then screams angrily and asks, “How Bigg Boss brought you into the house.?” And goes on to call her stupid as he shouts at her.