Bigg Boss 16: “New York Paris mein hai kya?” Sumbul Touqeer Khan exposing her lack of general knowledge

As a matter of fact, Sumbul has won a trip to Paris.


In one of the episodes of Bigg Boss season 16, we saw Gautam Singh Vig, Sajid Khan and Sumbul Touqeer Khan sitting in the captain’s room and discussing geographical landmarks of the world. That is when Sumbul is seen asking both of her co contestants if New York is in Paris. This made Sajid and Gautam both react funnily at the ‘Imlie’ star.

If this wasn’t enough, when Sajid explained to her that London, Paris, New York and Mumbai are the four biggest cities of the world, Sumbul further displayed her dumbness in geography by asking another dumb question — “Paris city hai yaan state hai?” Before Gautam and Sajid could even react to Sumbul’s sheer lack of general knowledge, she added, “oh sorry, Belgium mein ata hai na?” When asked by Gautam Singh Vig, “Britain kya hai?” Sumbul Touqeer Khan replied, “State.”

As a matter of fact, Sumbul has won a trip to Paris from one of the task by one of the biscuit brands sponsoring or co sponsoring season 16 of Bigg Boss 16.

The clip from the episode has made its rounds around the internet and many are mocking the ‘Imlie’ Star: