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Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan almost slapped Archana Gautam After Sajid Khan made a remark

The fight between MC Stan and Archana Gautam on Bigg Boss 16 has worsened. The rapper claims he wants to leave BB16 “voluntarily,” but Sajid Khan suggests an option. Here’s what happened next.


The conflict between MC Stan and Archana Gautam will reach a boiling point in the upcoming “Bigg Boss 16” episode when the rapper decides to slap her and leave the competition. Everything starts when Archana constantly poking everyone in the house for bathroom duty and ends up fighting with Shiv Thakare after Abdu Rozik is elected as the house captain. While, Archana calls shiv “phattu” and he tags her as “kaam chor.”

Then Abdu is heard from Archana saying, “You are the captain, please be fair.” I checked everything, go clean the restroom if you’re feeling so horrible, says Abdu. Then, after asking MC Stan for the job, they get into a heated fight where both Archana and Stan use foul language and make personal attacks on each other’s parents. After the argument turns ugly, Stan locks himself in the restroom.

Shiv tries to calm him down, but when Sajid says, “Ja laafa mar ke aa,” he becomes agitated once more. Shiv forbids Stan from slapping Archana when he tries to.

Then, Bigg Boss calls everyone outside and punishes MC Stan and Archana. “If you want to portray such a weak personality and negative side, then I will also make sure that your supporters see all of this,” says Bigg Boss’ voice.

Not only this, but Archana Gautam and MC Stan were also seen fighting verbally in a recent episode. Stan was asked by Archana how long he intended to stay, given that he does not even tidy the room and that the crowds outside are voting for him. Stan responds by questioning Archana about her perception of him as her father’s servant.

Outraged Archana is heard telling Stan to stop talking crudely about anyone’s family after he makes a derogatory remark about her mother. She had said, ” jo dusre ki Maa ki respect nahi kar sakta na, Wo ghatiya hai.” She had said.