Bigg Boss 16 LIVE: Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s closeness to a male friend makes Ankit Gupta jealous? He says, “Usi pardesi ko le aati yahan pe”

Priyanka, in a desperate attempt to make Ankit jealous, says, “sare chikne ladhke fail hai uske samne.”


Hashtag PriyAnkit is not a new one. It’s been doing its rounds since Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta became famous for their onscreen and offscreen chemistry after their daily soap ‘Udaariyaan’ picked up popularity on Colors tv. Fans have loved to see the duo together ever since. They leave no chance to catch a glimpse of any new interview of the duo or any other stage appearance. Both the actors have had themselves trending on the social media platform Twitter not by their PR firms and agencies managing them. But, by their own hard-but-effortlessly-earned fans. Now, the lovely duo, who claim to be ‘just friends,’ are rumoured to be a couple in their real life. Fans are wanting to see them together as a couple, therefore, seeing the duo in the most controversial show in India, Bigg Boss season 16, premiered on Colors Tv from October 1, 2022, their fans have been going crazy to catch any glimpse of the beautiful couple.

In one of the clips of the live telecast of Bigg Boss season 16’s contestants Priyanka and Ankit, doing its rounds on all of the social media platforms show both of them claiming to be quite in demand of the other gender. They both seem to be outdoing each other over who has a more waiting list of potential lovers outside of the Bigg Boss 16’s magnificently beautiful house.

Priyanka, in a desperate attempt to make Ankit jealous, says, “sare chikne ladhke fail hai uske samne (all the clean-shaved boys will fail in front of the boy who is interested in her outside of Bigg Boss house).” She even goes on to tease Ankit by saying that she already has someone who lives in some other country and sent her a very romantic message before she entered Bigg Boss. Ankit is evidently jealous. Have a look: