Bigg Boss 16: Karan Johar calls Gautam Singh Vig ‘Chauvinist’, Gauahar Khan extends supports to the BB contestant

Gauahar Khan did not like when Karan Johar called Gautam Singh Vig chauvinist and misogynist.


Gauahar Khan is an avid follower of Bigg Boss. Ever since she has won season 7 of the controversial show, she is known to have been a person, who stands for the right and is not afraid to voice her opinions, even if they offend some people, be it commoners or big celebrities like Karan Johar. The latter happened to have replaced Salman Khan over the last week’s Diwali special of ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ after Salman fell sick. In the three-day long ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ Karan Johar picked up issues, which a lot of netizens, audiences, viewers, reviewers, ex contestants and other celebrities felt were not-so-important issues. They seemed cooked up to just melt down the confidence of few of the targeted contestants.

Bigg Boss season 16 is gaining a lot of traction every passing week. A lot of ex Bigg Boss winners, including Urvashi Dholakia have been voicing their opinions about the contestants of the show. Another much loved Bigg Boss contestant is Gauahar Khan, who did not like when Karan Johar called Gautam Singh Vig chauvinist and misogynist. She took to her Twitter handle to express how much she supports Gautam Singh Vig. She mentioned that she completely empathises with Gautam. She furthered that she can pick up million instances from currently running season 16 of Bigg Boss itself, where men have disrespected women. She does not seem to understand that if Gautam has clearly stated that he likes the girl (Soundarya Sharma), then why is he being judged.

Karan Johar had played the clip where Manya Sing gossiped to Bigg Boss that Soundarya Sharma sits around with and hugs so many men and that Shalin Bhanot did not touch Soundarya appropriately. Karan made his case against Gautam saying that housemates are talking bad about Soundarya because he called her ‘free spirit’ in front of other contestants.