Bigg Boss 16: Is Shiv Thakare upset with Abdu Rozik? Says, “Hum toh tumhare dost hai hi nahi”

Shiv Thakare is upset with Abdu Rozik as she spends majority of the time with Nimrit.


Bigg Boss is known for its drama and bonds, as some bonds stay the same even after Bigg Boss. In the recent Extra Masala snippet it is seen that Shiv, MC Stan and Abdu are having a conversation where Shiv is seen complaining to Abdu that he does not spend much time with him. He adds that Abdu spends most of his time with Nimrit Kaur and listens of his stories.

Shiv tells,”Hum toh tumhare dost hai hi nahi..hum toh tumhare dushman hai.” MC Stan agrees to it and tells that Abdu wants to spend his time with Nimrit and he does not need us. Abdu being himself then goes and gives a warm hug to MC Stan and says,”I love you bro, you are my friend.” It is seen that the four- Nimrit, Shiv, MC Stan and Abdu share a good bond from the start and stand by each other when needed. On the other hand the bromance between Abdu and Shiv is loved by the viewers.

Fans have titled them ‘ShiBdu’ and shower all their love to the duo. Do you like their chemistry?Comment us down and let us know your views on the same. For more updates and details about the tasks and from Bigg Boss house stay tuned with us!