Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Singh Vig’s best friend Kkhushi Jain reveals the truth about his feelings for Soundarya Sharma; Have a look

Kkhushi said, “He isn’t faking his feelings and emotions for the game.

Bigg Boss season 16 has had its share of explosive episodes in its 4-week journey so far. Last week’s ‘Diwali special Weekend ka Vaar’ episode saw another of Bigg Boss 16’s explosions when the one-time replacement host of Salman Khan, the very popular director/producer of Bollywood, Karan Johar, accused Gautam Singh Vig of portraying fake love angle between him and another female contestant — actor/doctor — Soundarya Sharma. Karan even blamed Gautam for being the reason housemates are calling Soundarya characterless. Karan even brought up the topic of Gautam and Soundarya entering the bathroom together with Gautam’s mic intact.

This had impacted and affected Gautam a lot. He was seen lost after the bashing. A lot of housemates were seen surrounding him and telling him not to worry so much. Nimrit Ahluwalia told him to expect good and bad weekend both and take it all with a pinch of salt. Soundarya Sharma, his apparent girlfriend blamed him for not even coming up to her and asking how’d she feel about being implied as characterless. Sajid Khan told him if anyone who needs to be worked up is Soundarya and not him. Even Shalin Bhanot, with whom Gautam had a lot of love and hate relationship, was seen consoling him.


Now, Gautam Singh Vig’s best friend forever outside the house in real life, Kkhushi Jaain, has given an interview in support of her bestie. She said, “He isn’t faking his feelings and emotions for the game. He has genuinely started liking Soundarya. So, I wasn’t too happy with the way he was pulled up on the weekend episode. Honestly, it was unnecessary. There have been many seasons when a woman has been subjected to character assassination and mean things have been said to co-contestants in the past. A lot of things were ignored as well. Gautam is old-school. He called Soundarya free-spirited. No offense to anyone, but one should understand the context of it rather than quoting the literal meaning. I am also free-spirited. Now, if my boyfriend kissed someone else, I would not appreciate it. That’s exactly what he did. He reacted in a certain way because his feelings were genuine. His reaction was a result of his possessiveness and protectiveness.”