Bigg Boss 16 Extraa Masala: Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Singh Vig engage in a fun banter about each other’s gym physique- “Tum kyun machall rahe ho?”

In this Extraa Masala Snippet, Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig engage in a banter after the former stops working out to converse with Tina Datta about each other’s gym looks.


In an Extraa Masala snippet, Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig are seen getting into cold banter about each other’s gym physique as the former claims that Gautam is jealous of his looks. Their fun yet juicy argument about their gym and look will surely get you rolling with laughter.
According to the Masala clipping, their conversation began when Gautam asked Shalin why he was not working. To which Shalin replied by saying, “Jab gym mein sundar ladkia gym mein aa jati hai toh ladke gym chordete hain.” as indirectly flirting with Tina Datta – who was present in the conversation at the time.
Gautam retorted by saying, “Ladke aise daanv nahi bante na.” starting their banter. Shalin then hit back by saying, “Daannv? People love my body man.” He then further indirectly implies that he (Gautam) is jealous of his physique by talking about the lean boys of the gym who cannot make a body like his. Gautam then asks, “Tum kyun machall rahe ho?” Shalin retorts,” Tum Machlla rahi ho na mujhe.”
Tina then points out to Shalin that they have started wearing each other’s clothes when Shalin says that Gautam is the one who has started wearing his clothes to get the feel and that’s why hugged him the other night.