Bigg Boss 16 Extraa Masala: Gori Nagori gets nostalgic talking about her mother with Soundarya Sharma

Gori Nagori shares daily routine of her mother to Soundarya Sharma in this Bigg Boss 16 Extraa masala snippet.


Gori Nagori and Soundarya Sharma can be seen reminiscing about their mums in a recent Bigg Boss 16 Extraa Masala clip. As Nagori remembers all their precious memories with her mother she is seen getting nostalgic.
The discussion takes place in a nook of the Bigg Boss 16 house’s garden area. In this passage, Gori reveals that despite being separated from her mother, she still makes an effort to speak with her at least once. Gori admits that she misses her dearly and calls her frequently as a result.
Describing her conversation with her mother she shares that her mother always asks, “Khana Khaya?” to soundarya sharma. She further shares that her mother does all the housework even today. And that she also works in government service. Sharing a few nostalgic memories, Gori adds that when her mother comes home she badass tells her sister to make a cup of tea for her which usually gets a laugh from her ‘Bhatriji.’
Apart from that her mother also plays with the children of her household. As they reminisced about the routine of Gori’s mother, Soundarya too got a little homesick and shared that she too missed talking to her mother with Gori Nagori.