Bigg Boss 16 Extraa Masala: Gautam Singh Vig predicts Shalin Bhanot’s captaincy; says, “Tu 17th week mein banega captain”

Gautam Singh Vig makes a funny prediction for Shalin’s Bhanot’s captaincy as the housemates imagine the very scenario.


In a recent Bigg Boss 16 Extraa Masala snippet, The housemates were seen having a fun discussion on the latest captaincy announcement by Bigg Boss. Wherein a few were very upset and shocked by the revelation that Shalin Bhanot wasn’t chosen to be the one for the week. Shalin himself is seen calling out to Bigg Boss as he wonders when he will be given the chance to be the house captain. This is when Gautam Singh Vig makes a funny prediction for Shalin’s captaincy regime inside the Bigg Boss 16 house.
Predicting Shalin’s Captaincy, Gautam states that he will surely become a house captain in the 17th week of the season when there is no one else left inside the house. He says, “Tu na 17th-week mein banega par apne ghar ka.” Hearing this everyone present in the discussion leaves out a hearty laugh as they try to recreate the scenario of Shalin as captain in an empty house. Shalin on the matter says that in such an instance he will have to do all the chores all by himself and that this version of Bigg Boss will let you do any and everything you want. He ends it by saying, “Joh Karna Hai Karo, It’s all yours.”