Bigg Boss 16: “Dost dost bolke chura bhaunka hai na;” Ankit Gupta bashes other contestants over ration

Gautam Sing Vig is seen complaining, “Bhai kuch nahin hai mere room pe.”


In one of the promos of tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16, being widely shared by everyone on social media, we see ration task being completed, which started yesterday. Nimrit Ahluwalia is seen being one of the delivery agents and she seems to be making a calculative decision about whom to give the ration. She is seen saying, “vo mere bhi room mein hai, mujhe bhi ration aa jayega toh bahut acha ho jayega (they’re in my room too, so I’ll also get the ration, hence it’ll be great for me too).”

Ankit Gupta is also seen retorting to someone about back stabbing him. Ankit Gupta will also be one of the delivery agents. Let’s see who doe he choose to deliver the ration to. Because he’s saying, “kya Bigg Boss dharam sankat mein phasa diya hai aapne (Bigg Boss, what complications you’ve set for me)!”

Other than this, the promo also shows Gautam Sing Vig complaining, “Bhai kuch nahin hai mere room pe (there’s nothing in my room bro).” Abdu Rozik, captain of the week, is also seen complaining, “also my room, not having anything.”